Microsoft Ad Urges Indians Not to be Scared of Windows 8

Pulkit Chandna

The launch of Windows 8 was accompanied by a massive ad campaign.The TV ads sweeping the globe as part of this campaign, the cost of which one report pegged at somewhere between $1.5 billion and 1.8 billion, have one thing in common, in that they all have music from up-and-coming bands at their heart . But Microsoft’s “You and Me Together” Indian TV spot is not merely an amalgam of  peppy music, Live Tiles, and, well, people. It stands out for being surprisingly honest about the biggest problem facing Windows 8: consumer skepticism.

The ad in question shows a man and woman using dance moves to interact with Windows 8. But it’s the Bollywood film song in the background that steals the show with its lyrics, which don’t  urge, but actually dare, the viewer to take a chance on Windows 8: “Why are you scared friend? If you have the courage, take a chance on me.”

Perhaps much of the creative input for this ad came directly from CEO Steve Ballmer, who once called Windows 8 the company’s “riskiest product bet yet” The message is loud and clear: Microsoft now desperately needs you to take a chance in order for its bet to pay off.

Does Windows 8 scare you, too?

Image Credit: WallaceMoura

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