Microsoft Abandoning Hohm

Pulkit Chandna

Companies like Google and Microsoft have wide-ranging interests and are always on the lookout for fresh opportunities. But it’s not uncommon for some of their ventures to come unstuck. Microsoft’s Hohm energy monitoring tool is a case in point. Redmond has decided to bring the curtain down on Hohm.

“Microsoft is discontinuing the Microsoft Hohm service effective May 31, 2012,” the company announced in a blog post . Blaming its decision on “slow overall market adoption of the service”, it reassured both of Hohm’s two users that the service would continue to function normally in the meantime.

“Microsoft will continue to focus on developing products, solutions and partnership that span a wide spectrum of industries, such as power generation, distribution grids, buildings and transportations systems.”

This announcement follows close on the heels of Google’s decision to shut down its own energy monitoring service called PowerMeter. Launched just a few months after Hohm’s July, 2009 debut, PowerMeter will be shut down on September 16, 2011.

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