Micron's ClearNAND Technology Means Longer Lasting Flash Memory

Paul Lilly

Micron reached out to us this morning to let us know about its new ClearNAND portfolio, essentially a collection of technologies that ultimately will lead to longer lasting flash memory-based devices, like tablet PCs and portable media players.

"The pace of NAND scaling is largely responsible for the incredible growth and success the industry has seen to date, and for helping to create new flash-based storage solutions," said Glen Hawk, vice president of Micron's NAND Solutions Group. "While the advantages in NAND scaling are evident, so are the challenges with the technology becoming increasingly more difficult to manage. Micron's ClearNAND products remove this management burden for our customers and extend the life of this all-important technology."

Where Micron really sees its ClearNAND initiative paying off is when the industry advances past 20nm. At that point, "the amount of bit errors increases, dramatically impacting NAND performance and reliability." A key focus in Micron's ClearNAND product line is error management, with current offerings "intended to remove the error correction code (ECC) burden from the host processor with minimal protocol changes compared to raw NAND."

None of this means much to you, Joe User, at least not directly. But indirectly, Micron's ClearNAND tech could not only result in more reliable flash memory-based products, but less expensive hardware as well.

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