Micron Gains a 300mm DRAM Fabrication Plant in Elpida Acquisition

Paul Lilly

Micron beefs up its memory portfolio

Micron , the memory maker based out of Boise, Idaho, has completed its acquisition of Elpida, a struggling DRAM player in Tokyo. All of Elpida's equity and assets now belong to Micron, including a 300mm DRAM fabrication facility located in Hiroshima, Japan. Other notable assets include a 65 percent stake in Rexchip, which itself owns a 300mm DRAM plant in Taiwan, and 100 percent ownership interest in Akita Elpida Memory, which owns an assembly and test facility in Akita, Japan.

"We are pleased to bring together Elpida with Micron to form the industry's leading pure-play memory company. This combination will result in enhanced R&D and manufacturing scale, significant cost and production synergies and a stronger memory product portfolio to provide solutions to our customers," said Micron CEO Mark Durcan .

The move also ensures Micron's continued presence in an industry that's made a sharp transition to survival of the fittest in the past several years. Starting around 2008, the DRAM market took a turn for the worse, prompting Adata to say it had been the worst year for DRAM in 15 years.

According to Micron, the manufacturing assets of Elpida and Rexchip together can produce more than 185,000 300mm wafers per month, which represents about a 45 percent increase in Micron's current manufacturing capacity.

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