Micron: DRAM Prices Likely as Low as They're Going to Get

Paul Lilly

At a time when hard drive prices are up, motherboard prices might be going up , and solid state drives (SSDs) are still comparatively expensive (per gigabyte), the DRAM market may have finally bottomed out. That's the feeling from Micron president Mark Adams, who heads the only U.S.-based DRAM maker still in existence. According to Adams, DRAM prices have finally hit rock bottom.

"I don't think DRAM goes down from here. It's starting to feel like a stable market," Adams told Bloomberg in an interview.

It's Adams' first prediction as Micron's president, a role he was promoted to after former CEO Steve Appleton was killed in a plane crash last week. As far as Micron sees it, the problem DRAM makers face is an oversupply of parts. But now that memory makers are cutting down on production and the hard drive shortage is starting to ease up, which in turn will lead to more PC sales, Micron sees RAM prices going up, or at least no longer going down.

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