Micron Announces Higher Capacity RealSSDs for Notebooks

Paul Lilly

Micron on Wednesday introduced a new portfolio of its RealSSD line, these newest models the first to incorporate the company's 25nm NAND flash technology.

Capacities range from 64GB to 512GB and come in both the 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch form factors. All of the new drives support SATA 6Gbps, just like the previous generation RealSSD models, but these latest units are 17 percent faster than before, Micron says. Depending on capacity, drive speeds come rated at up to 415MB/s (the flagship 512GB model comes rated at up 260MB/s write speeds, a 20 percent increase over the C300).

Micron said it's currently working with notebook makers to qualify its new RealSSD drives under the C400 product name. Samples have already started shipping and the memory maker expects mass production to begin next month.

Image Credit: Micron

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