Michael Jackson Malware in your Inbox? Just Beat It

Pulkit Chandna

While the world has been busy mourning Michael Jackson’s demise, spammers have been trying to exploit his death. Spammers are sending schmaltzy emails eulogizing the King of Pop . Under the garb of emotions is camouflaged some bad old malware.

“The e-mail, which claims to come from sarah@michaeljackson.com, says that the attached ZIP file contains secret songs and photos of Michael Jackson,” Sophos senior tech consultant Graham Cluley wrote about one such email in recent blog entry.

“However, the reality is that opening the attachment exposes you to infection - and if your computer is hit you will be spreading the worm onto other internet users. Besides spreading via e-mail, the malware is also capable of spreading as an Autorun component on USB memory sticks (an increasingly common trend for malware as use of these devices has become more and more popular).” If you find such an email in your mailbox, just beat it!

Image Credit: MichaelJackson-Tickets

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