Michael Dell Thanks Customers for Thrilling Ride as Company Turns 30 Years Old

Paul Lilly

Pioneering PC maker celebrates 30th anniversary

Dell is currently the world's third largest supplier of PCs and the No. 1 shipper of computer monitors around the globe. Not bad for a company that started off with a modest $1,000 and team of one back in 1984. Michael Dell reflects on his company's humble beginning as Dell celebrates its 30th anniversary this month, noting that "it's been a thrilling ride" up to this point. He also took a moment to thank customers.

"Our customers use Dell technology every day to do amazing things. You are making scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs. You are launching businesses and creating jobs, you are finding new and better ways to manufacture, transport, educate, secure...the list goes on and on," Michael Dell states in an open letter on Google+.

"I want to personally say thank you for being a part of our 30-year history. We value your business and appreciate you trusting us to deliver solutions that help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be," Michael Dell continues.

Though it's been a long and bumpy road, Michael's biggest challenge is navigating a changing landscape as mobile form factors bully into traditional PC territory. This is one of the reasons why Michael wanted to buy Dell out, which he ultimately did with the help of investment partners. In transitioning from a public to a private operation, Michael can make decisions without being scrutinized by shareholders.

"As we accelerate our strategy and build momentum across our business, I want you to know that the best is yet to come. Together we can achieve great things. Here's to the next 30!," Michael Dell says.

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