Michael Dell Loves Windows 8, But Not Android

Brad Chacos

The tablet war has pretty much been a two horse race: Apple vs. Android. (Yeah, we know about the PlayBook, but let’s be realistic.) And that race has been like a blowout as the iPad 2 has been galloping away from the competition pretty handily. Microsoft’s hoping to hit the ground running with Windows 8 sometime soon, however, and they’ve just got a boost from Dell, who says they plan on heavily supporting the upcoming operating system.

"We are very aligned with Microsoft around Windows 8,” Michael Dell said at Dell World 2011. “You'll hear more about Windows 8 from us and see a wide range of products released.” What, no Android love? Dell may just want to be friends with Google’s operating system, which is unsurprising considering the less-than-impressive sales of the Dell Streak. “Android is certainly another opportunity as well, but that market has not developed to the expectations they would have had,” Michael Dell told journalists. Then again, V3.co.uk reports that Steve Felice, (the company’s consumer, small and medium business division president) said that thus far, Dell’s mobile releases were small and mostly just testing the waters, so maybe they didn’t give Android enough of a chance?

The Wall Street Journal reports that additionally, Dell plans on sticking with the x86 chips offered by AMD and Intel rather than switching over to ARM-based tablets. The company also feels that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will continue to be secondary devices heading into the future, supplementing – rather than pillaging – PC sales.

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