MetroPCS Follows Verizon's Lead, Sues FCC Over Net Neutrality



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Heh, looks like another case of corporate greed. MetroPCS isn't a very socially responsible company compared to Trancfone's Straight Talk which indeed I have. I switched from Metro to Straight Talk a few months ago and could not have made a smarter move. 45 bucks a month for the unlimited plan and the network runs on both Verizon and ATT towers hence NO DROPPED CALLS. My Nokia E71 is pretty awesome too... so those of you who are thinking about switching providers, Straight Talk is the way to go.



Greedy ass ISPs.....that spend millions of dollars investing in infrastructure and years in development only to have the government come down and tell them how to run their networks via a made-up authority that hasn't been provided to them in the constitution.  So ISPs are supposed to treat ALL traffic equal now, hmmm?   That bandwidth isn't infinite,  If you can't tune your network to treat traffic that 95% of your customers want higher than the crap that the other 5% want that takes up 80% of the bandwidth (OK, made up numbers, but the principle stands), then  either chaos, or much higher prices will follow.  HOw about we let the free market determine winners by letting consumers decide which ISP provides the best service for the best price and get the government out of the business of regulating the internet?



Man, thanks for saying this. I was worried that I'd have to be the first, then the flame war, then I get booted from the site...



Yeah this should end with more regulation hopefully. Greedy ass ISPs that want to censor the internet.