Memory Makers to Charge Even Less for Already Cheap RAM

Paul Lilly

One thing optical drives and low-end memory modules have in common is that both are dirt cheap. You usually won't, for example, have to downgrade your videocard or processor of choice to accommodate an optical drive or memory kit, not unless you're shopping something fancy like a Blu-ray burner or overclocking RAM. Things are about to get better for budget builders as memory makers look to slash the price of 2GB DDR3 modules to levels so low they might as well give them away.

According to news and rumor site DigiTimes , Kingston Technology inked deals to sell its 2GB DDR3 modules for as low as $11 a pop. Industry sources who spoke to DigiTimes say Kingston is just one of many firms reacting to sluggish end-market demand, with others cutting prices to close to $10.

Market research firm DRAMeXchange says DRAM contract prices have already fallen more than 15 percent in July, and will continue to slide in August. The average contract price in the second half of July dropped 9.4 percent to $14.50, according to DRAMeXchange, and if we poke around online, we can see that translates to street pricing as low as $17 per 2GB. Using this as a rough guide, 2GB DDR3 modules could go for around $13 street by the end of summer.

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