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Memoright MR25.2-032/64S GT Series

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Read and write scores incredibly speedy.

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While Memoright’s spec pages attribute this 64GB SSD with a SATA interface, that’s not accurate. This isn’t a SATA drive, per se; rather, the drive uses a SATA bridge connected to an ATA-133 interface. Ultimately, however, this doesn’t impact the drive’s overall speed. Memoright’s SSD shoots past the competition in the majority of our benchmarks.

This device outperforms the next-fastest SSD by 14 percent in our average sequential read rate test and 8.5 percent in its average sequential writes. Its random-access read and write scores are the fastest of all the SSDs we’ve tested. Better still, we were able to write a 40GB uncompressed AVI file to the Memoright SSD in a mere 6:51 (min:sec). That’s 1:26 faster than the second-place finisher in that test, the Mtron 7500, and just 28 seconds slower than a Western Digital Velociraptor drive.

We expected a better showing from the Memoright in our PCMark Vantage test, given the SSD’s other benchmark masteries. But even though it came in 1.2 percent slower than the fastest SSD in this test, the Memoright’s overall domination of our benchmarks makes it the best-performing SSD here. And it had better be when you consider its astronomical price.

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Memoright MR25.2-032/64S GT Series

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