MemoriesOnTV Pro 3.0


Garage developers have coded some of the most amazing software available today—including MemoriesOnTV Pro. Version 3.0 of Codejam’s powerful slide show maker packs in a ton of new features and improvements yet maintains the friendly design that we’ve long loved about the app.

The niftiest new feature is the ability to combine multiple images into a single frame of your slide show. But as much as we like the output, we’re not thrilled with the implementation—Codejam cheats when rendering the multi-image effect. While all the other effects in the program run in real time, the multi-slide effect comes about after first being rendered to a video file, and then inserted into the timeline. Fortunately, the render only takes 10-20 seconds, and making changes is fairly easy as well, but it feels like a hack.

The strength of MemoriesOnTV has always been its ability to emulate Ken Burns’ trademark zoom, pan, and fade style. MemoriesOnTV remains the best tool for Burns wannabes, and it’s damned easy to use.

The biggest improvement over previous versions of the software is MOTV 3.0’s stronger audio-editing chops. The program will now automatically trim out the silence at the end or beginning of your soundtrack. And long overdue is the ability to add sounds to individual slides. That’s handy for narrating your slide show. MemoriesOnTV gives you the ability to fade out the music while the narration plays, as well as the ability to set the narration volume. We appreciate the additions, but we still wish you could view and edit footage in a more traditional timeline—something you see in most video applications.

And that’s the rub. MemoriesOnTV is really nothing more than a tool to create slide shows; it’s not a replacement for a nonlinear video editor. With cheap video editors and DVD burning bundles offering similar functionality today, albeit not nearly as polished or easy to use, you have to be really serious about picture DVDs to opt for MemoriesOnTV. We obviously are, and for slide shows, MemoriesOnTV is the first icon we click.

Month Reviewed: November 2006
Verdict: 9

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