Meet the Interface Formerly Known As Metro


Why did Microsoft dump the name Metro for its upcoming OS UI? Was it a legal threat from German-retailer Metro AG? Was it truly just a codename intended to be dumped once Win8 came out as the company has tried to spin it?

At this point, no one outside of Microsoft really knows yet but more importantly—What will Microsoft replace it with?

Microsoft’s design team supposedly drew inspiration for the Metro design style from public transportation signs used in metro transit systems. The UI draws heavily on typography styles instead of blinged out transparencies and rows and rows of icons. Microsoft said it expects to work on a new name but in the meantime, people should refer to the new interface as "Windows 8 style UI."

Perhaps continuing with the transportation metro theme and while avoiding any legal entanglements, Microsoft could call the new interface the Subway interface because that's not taken, right? Another possible replacement name could simply be: The Interface Formerly Known As Metro.

Comment with your idea and we may run it with the top five new names for Metro in the magazine.

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