MeeGo Now Available for Netbooks and Nokia N900

Ryan Whitwam

The first buile of the Intel/Nokia joint OS venture known as MeeGo is now available for download. The operating system will run on almost any Atom-based netbook as well as the Nokia N900, which currently runs Maemo. There is also support for the Moorsetown mobile Atom chips, but you probably don’t have one of those yet. You can download the netbook version right now and run it via a USB drive.

MeeGo promises to support the Qt development framework, which is a cross-platform development interface that makes it much easier for developers to port their work to other platforms. It’s still unclear if combining the lackluster reception of Intel Moblin and Nokia Maemo will result in a good product. This version isn’t going to settle anything either. It doesn’t have any of the UI elements you’d expect. In fact, it’s mostly just a command line.

MeeGo has potential due to its largely standardized Linux build. This is much the same in the case of Maemo, but MeeGo has the backing of tech giant Intel. We’re very interested to see where they take this platform. A 1.0 release of MeeGo is expected around May. So, anyone planning to run this preview build out of curiosity?

Image via Meego

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