McAfee's Poor Quality Control is to Blame for AV Disaster

Ryan Whitwam

There are some details are leaking out regarding antivirus maker McAfee's assessment of yesterday's buggy update to their corporate security software. The update caused Windows XP machines to crash left and right. The confidential documents were sent to Ed Bott, and paint a picture of poor quality control. The anonymous sender of the email says the error was totally preventable.

The document itself seems to indicate that steps in the testing process were not followed. McAfee requires peer-review of all DAT update files, and apparently that didn't happen.  They also inexplicably failed to test the update with Windows XP SP3, the operating system affected by the bug. Just as a reminder, this is an enterprise product. You'd expect special attention to be paid to the QC process.

It's a little telling that McAfee's website has not been updated with any details on the error. Could it be they are working on a way to spin this unflattering evidence into a bad news/good news statement? Businesses definitely are suffering financially from this incident which will likely require techs to make a visit to each and every affected PC. Any reports from the field? Are you seeing clean-up efforts proceed as planned?

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