McAfee Identified an Astounding 200 New Malware Samples Per Minute in 2013



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I took a bitcoin virus a few months ago forcing me to reformate!



Want to make $$$$$? Become a Google Android Developer, make an App that steals Phone numbers Contact info & emails from peoples phones. You are even allowed to take secret videos with sound of users without them knowing. Even Firefox for Android has this permission. Just click on the CAMERA permission to see what it does for proof. Then have it send you that data. How is this possible? because Google could care less about your Security. All they care about is Ad Profits. Android Developers can put ANYTHING in their App code to steal info they want & Google does NOTHING about it. You cant even stop these Aps from connecting to the net & sending all your info to the mother ship. And if you think you are safe because it in the Google Play Store, you are WRONG! If a hacker cracks firefox's security, they can use firefox's camera permissions to take videos of you without you knowing.

Say what you want, but those old Non Smart phones were the safest phones. Today's Smart phones are just another way to help thieves steal your information.



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I'm with everyone else exclaiming BS. At this point it's just blatent mafia protection tactics. Sure the threats are real, but the threats are the AV companies. Last I checked all popular AV programs were powerless against the last real virus/trojan. Use OpenDNS and it's malware blocking mixed with online backup (backblaze/crashplan) a touch of common sense and you'll have an equal amount of protection, one less hassle, and one less bill to pay.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Oooh, Windows made the Top 3 again this year

Go Microsoft!



Odd this article never mentioned Mircosoft... yet you had the urged to mention it. Do you deep inside love Mircosoft but don't want to come out?


John Pombrio

DAMMIT! Who really believes these crap "reports"? Especially from McAff, the sleaziest shovelware and pernicious user of having a check box (already checked of course) saying "Yes, sign me up for McAfee antivirus" in damn near every program update from Java to Adobe?

I have not had a malware infection in YEARS but according to McAfee, there are MILLIONS OF THEM ON MY MACHINE AND ONLY THEY THEY KNOW ABOUT THEM AND CAN "FIX" THEM.

What a BS company and what a BS report . Shame on you Paul for even posting this made up PFTA "study".







You may have not had a malware infection in years, but millions of others do get infected on a daily basis due to technical ignorance, and such.

They are a profit making business that is marketing themselves like the rest out there, of course a business will say "only we can clean your PC."

Unless you can factually dispute their claims you have no grounds to call it BS. Although it is MCafee, and I do have my own personal doubts about them.


John Pombrio

Too right I cannot dispute the numbers or the "losses" by consumers. You know why? ALL the reports are written by companies in the "anti-virus/anti-malware" protection or consulting business.

I Googled "Consumer losses due to malware". Let's see, the top three hits were dire reports about business costs by companies that offer "consulting".
Then there is two by Norton who sells solutions. Then MS also selling consulting services. A half a dozen others that are just rehashes of "reports" by Norton and McAfee (like here). Two more Norton, three from McAfee. FBI is in there but with no firm numbers.

The bias in all these "reports" is so blatant that I suspect ALL of their data.

So how much do consumers actually "lose", especially after the credit card/ identity theft protection that is built into banks these days? WHO KNOWS? How many people have malicious enough malware installed that costs them money or screws up their computers? WHO KNOWS?



Even if there is BIAS in their "reports" there is still truth to them about malware, but these type of reports can be ignored anyway.

Like I said though it is just marketing, and normal; you will find this in every competitive industry.

Wouldn't say Google searches and some articles really validate your point to much. People often claim BS on things without showing the evidence in regards to what is in question, but in this specific case for Mcafee I would probably have to agree with you.