McAfee States the Obvious About Spam


In May 2008, McAfee set up 50 individuals from around the world with new laptops and email addresses and then had them surf for 30 days trolling for spam to discover “how much spam they would attract and what the effects would be, both short lived and long term”.

Every techie reading this is thinking the same thing, Well DUH, they got a crap load of spam and were really @%!#& annoyed by it. Really McAfee’s S.P.A.M. (Spammed Persistently All Month) Experiment amounts to pseudo news or a marketing campaign. That is not to say that it did not generate some useful data, but most of its conclusions are a no brainer.

  • Spam is still out there in abundance.
  • Spammers will stop at nothing.
  • Spam and cybercrime are linked.
  • Non-English Spam is growing.
  • Mobile spam has yet to really take off.
  • Even if people think they know the danger of spam, they don’t understand the true extent:.
  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The report is a marketing tool really. These things are well known to anyone that deals with email on a regular basis. There is no news here, although I question their assertion that mobile spam has yet to take off. There are plenty of sites out there asking for your number to text you joke of the day type things. It is the same sort of hook email collectors use for spam.

Businesses spend billions worldwide fighting spam. Email is fundamentally broken, not by the technology that drives it, but by human nature. Spammers would not spam if it was not so cheap to send billions of junk email and if there wasn’t someone out there buying their tripe.

Perhaps someone out there has an effective idea for ending spam. Tell me your ideas, sound off below.

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