McAfee Announces 2010 Threat Predictions, Adobe Tops the List

Maximum PC Staff

McAfee, maker of computer security software, has released a report detailing their take on the threats computer users will face in 2010. The bad news is not only will threats increase, they’ll be emphasizing different areas than in the past. The good news--McAfee expects that law enforcement efforts will be more effective against cybercrime than in the past.

According to the report , McAfee “foresees an increase in threats related to social networking sites, banking security, and botnets, as well as attacks targeting users, businesses, and applications.” In particular, McAfee predicts, social networking sites will be subject to more sophisticated threats; HTML 5 will create new opportunities for malware writers; email attachments will continue to plague recipients; banking Trojans will become more clever; and the use of botnets will expand.

In what might be considered good news for Microsoft, long a prime target for malware, McAfee says that Adobe software, in particular Acrobat Reader and Flash, will now be the principal focus of malware creators.

McAfee expects that some of this shift/increase will be mitigated by a more sophisticated approach by law enforcement, which McAfee says is finally wising-up to the threat: “[T]he U.S. Secret Service, Australian Federal Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, U.K. National Crime Squad, and law enforcement organizations in other parts of the world were reorganizing themselves to create high-tech crime centers dedicated to investigations of cybercrime.” McAfee concludes, “that in 2010 we’ll see many more successes in the pursuit of organized cybercriminals.”

Image Credit: Agpvtr/Wikimedia Commons

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