Maxthon Adds LAN Transfer Option to Multi-Platform Cloud Browser

Paul Lilly

Transfer files easily between desktop and mobile devices.

Like underwear, changing your browser every once in awhile can give you a fresh feeling. If you're at that point where you're ready to try something different, Maxthon's Cloud Browser is an option worth investigating. We bring it up because Maxthon let us know it just added a LAN transfer feature that allows users to transfer files of any size from their browser directly to any device on their network.

"The addition of LAN transfer will make sizable improvements in users’ everyday web experience," said Karl Mattson, VP of  International for Maxthon. "Customers with the newest and fastest home Internet services can now move a 1 GB file from one device to another more than five times faster than the alternative ‘up-over-and-down’ cloud services."

It's a pretty neat feature made more useful by the fact that Maxthon's Cloud Browser is available on multiple platforms, including Windows and Android (iOS and Mac coming soon).

If you want to kick the brower's tires, you can download it from Maxthon's website .

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