Maximum Sadness: Crysis 2 Becomes Most Pirated Game of 2011

Maximum PC Staff

The original Crysis didn't exactly give piracy a nanosuit-powered sock to the face, and Crysis 2 doesn't appear to be faring much better. TorrentFreak's annual report pegs the not-quite-as-PC-melting sequel at 3,920,000 downloads. Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, meanwhile, wouldn't even stop nipping at each other's throats while someone robbed them blind -- coming in at 3,650,000 and 3,510,000 downloads, respectively. And, because even keeping PC gaming as we know it from face-planting and flat-lining isn't worth some brand loyalty, Valve's Portal 2 also made the list with 3,240,000 downloads. Which is all our way of saying: 2012 Mayan dieties, we humbly offer the world's supply of PC pirates in exchange for the continued existence of the rest of, er, existence. Huh, what's that about a swirling abyss of pain and torment? Oh no, you won't hear any objections from us.

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