Maximum PC's Geek Quiz 2013

Jimmy Thang

Update: Annoying Quiz Timer Removed!

Since time began, the fittest of any species have found ways to test their mettle in the fiery cauldron of competition. First there was the Olympics, then Jeopardy, and finally – the Maximum PC Geek Quiz . Though you are probably cracking your knuckles, keep in mind that we've designed this timed quiz, not to entertain you, but to destroy you. Yes, those are fighting words. And yes, we mean it. Don't worry – we've made this a fair fight by mixing softballs with knees-to-the-groin-region, so if you're a regular reader of Maximum PC, and don't go running off to your Google mommy, you should come out the other end of this a better man, woman, or child.

Note: We have listened to your feedback and have removed the pesky timer on the quiz! Now you'll be able to enjoy the test at your own pace. To take it a step further, we encourage you to discuss the questions and answers in the comments below!

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