Maximum PC's Geek Quiz 2009


We like you. We spend all year being nice to you—giving you the scoop on hardware, software, games, and news from the industry. We may not always be nice to companies or products, but we’re always nice to our readers.

Well, nearly always. You see, every year the editors at Maximum PC get together in a big room with no windows or doors or air and hash out a series of questions for our annual Geek Quiz. Some are easy. Some are not. Some might have you pulling out your hair in frustration (those are our favorites).

But we’re not doing this just to be cruel. See, if you do well, you get the satisfaction of showing us up, plus a standardized score that you can show people to prove how awesome you are. And if you don’t do so well, hey, you get to learn stuff! Looking up answers on your favorite search engine, by the way, is strictly verboten .

Mom jeans from Lands End; Zelda belt buckle from Hot Topic; Three Wolf Moon T-shirt from The Mountain Company; glasses from the Six Flags guy.

So, whip out those #2 pencils and that slide rule, step away from the Google, and get ready to prove your mettle.

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