Maximum PC PSA: Don't Eat Your World of Warcraft Authenticator

Paul Lilly

You wouldn't think we'd need to post a PSA warning people against eating their World of Warcraft Authenticator, but it just so happens that's exactly what one gamer did.

"I was sitting in my chair and biting into my authenticator while thinking about several RP related story arcs that I have planned," a WoW player wrote on the game's official forums . "I swivel around in my chair and presume to fall off it and shoot the authenticator into my mouth and down my throat.

"I have drank some of that stuff that makes you vomit, but I'm apparently resistant to a whole bottle of it. I am curious on what I should do."

Whether or not he was whoring for attention, we don't know, but he did get some solid advice. "Get off the Internet and call medical services," one poster replied. "I would recommend chewing gum over authenticators. If you're feeling like something more like food, apples work well also," another poster commented.

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