Maximum PC Introduces Rent-A-Gordon Program

Jimmy Thang

Innocent Facebook prank goes viral, forcing Deputy Editor into indentured servitude

Maximum PC is happy to announce that beginning today, magazine readers, PC enthusiasts, and parents of preteen females will be able to now rent Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung for private parties being held in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Dubbed the “Rent-A-Gordon” Program, the nascent editor-lending service aims to achieve the dual objectives of allowing people other than the staff of Maximum PC to enjoy Ung’s one-of-a-kind personality, and to help raise additional funds for his legal defense fund following a recent Facebook prank gone awry.

On February 28, Ung’s sendup of a viral Bill Gates image jokingly promised a GeForce GTX Titan to anyone who clicked the Facebook Share button. Ung soon found that more than 8,400 took his prank seriously, and the editor became the target of a class action lawsuit when he failed to deliver the goods. Gordon explained that he put an asterisks in the corner of his sign noting specifically that he would not deliver, but legal scholars who have weighed in on what is now referred to as Titangate say such disclaimers won't stand up in court.

Interested in renting Gordon for your event? Email us here .

“It’s bullsh*t,” said Ung, as he stood outside a lovely three-bedroom house in a Bay Area suburb, ringing the doorbell and waiting for the couple who had rented his services for their monthly Apple Users Group meeting. “It was all just a big joke, and now I have to do these fuc*ing dog-and-pony shows every weekend from now until 2025.”

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