Maximum PC Books!


Maximum PC is proud to announce its first batch of kick-ass PC books, just in time for the holidays!

Each book is 300 pages with zero ads! Listed below are each of the books with information about their content as well as purchasing instructions.

Buy one for that special PC enthusiast in your life, or for yourself, today!

Maximum PC 2005 Buyer's Guide

Get an insider's peek at 2004's most exciting Lab experiments, plus forward looks at the gear you must know about in 2005. Includes the hidden story behind Maximum PC benchmarking, and a full compendium of our most positive--and brutal--2004 product reviews. Special Ask the Doctor and Watchdog wrap-ups make this a veritable Maximum PC almananc. A must-have reference book for faithful readers of the magazine. By George Jones, editor-in-chief.

Order the 2005 Buyer's Guide here .

Maximum PC Ultimate PC Performance Guide

All of Maximum PC 's "newstand only" special issues bound into a single book--a $50 value! Five issue's worth of content, and a must-have treasure for Maximum PC fanatics. Includes all the articles from 355 PC Answers , Unauthorized Guide to Windows XP , Build the Perfect PC , and both the 2002 and 2003 editions of our Ultimate PC How-To Guide . From PC building to Windows tweaking, to overclocking, and much, much, MUCH more, this 320-page volume covers every hardcore PC subject imaginable.

Order the Ultimate PC Performance Guide here .

Maximum PC Guide to Building a Dream PC

It's the biggest, meanest, most complete PC building guide we've ever created! Not only do we show first-time PC builders everything they need to know about assembling a computer from scratch, we also divulge the truth behind competing hardware technologies, and show you how to make the smartest part choices. Includes configuration plans for six different Dream Machine archetypes. By Will Smith, technical editor.

Order the Guide to Building a Dream PC here .

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