Maximum Modding News: December


Pump up the Volume: Metku Mods is an international modding site known – well, internationally. They have a reputation for letting their modding skills go beyond just PC mods. Their newest finished project is a portable boom box you can hook up to any device an RCA adaptor can be found for. With a battery life of 20+ hours, you could party ‘til the cows come home!

Shop Talk: saw Deathstarchris’ MAX PC take the November tourney. Who will take December? Take on you roll as The Decider - vote for your favorite mod . This month’s tourney has entered its Sweet 16 - soon to be the Elite Eight of December ought 7.

The blogging will continue until morale improves: MNPCtech is known for inspirational videos (of the modding kind). But wait, there’s more! Now there’s a blog! Check out MNPCtech Holiday Ideas . (Did I mention I could really use some of those fan grills Santa? Oh….and one of those compressors… I NEED one of those!)

All Dressed Up with Someplace to Go: The Best Case Scenario finally completed their long awaited site make over, and we have to say….It’s schweet! Check it out - and check out the Modcasts. Oh…and the Gallery…and the Hall of Fame. Nice TBCS!

December ROTM Winner: December's Rig of the Month winner is David Broadwater's Fridge PC. A game rig inside a fridge with enough room left to cool some frosty caffienated beverages. David wins a $500 spree at for his winning entry! 'Gratz David! You can check out David winning mod in the December issue of Maximum PC (page 144).

Happy Holidays All, and Happy Moddin’from the MPC Mod Blog!

Today’s bling is a reminder to remember your pets this holiday season.

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