Maurus Gaming Mouse by Genius Hitches a Ride to U.S. Shores

Paul Lilly

Even though the company has been around for nearly three decades, Genius isn't as well known in the U.S. as, say, Logitech, Razer, and other competing peripheral makers. That may change if Genius keeps pushing its products overseas as it's been doing in recent months. The newest peripheral to touch down in the States is the Maurus, a GX Gaming Series rodent aimed squarely at FPS players.

The Maurus is a programmable five-button mouse with an adjustable DPI that ranges from 450 to 3,500. Using the company's Scorpion UI, you can setup as many as 21 macros and store them in the Maurus' onboard memory so they're not lost when plugging the mouse into another PC. Other features include 20G acceleration, 1ms response time, 1.8 meter cable, and a metal weight to enhance the hand grip.

Exactly when the Maurus will be available and for how much are a couple of details Genius neglected to mention.

Image Credit: Genius

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