Mattel's Puppy Tweets Collar is Doggone Amusing

Paul Lilly

There are three ways you can get your canine companion posting on Twitter. First, you can create an account for your puppy and update it yourself. Alternately, you can try teaching your dog to type, which would require an even bigger investment of your time. And the third way? Let Mattel do all the work for you.

Mattel has come out with an electronic dog tag called " Puppy Tweets ," and it does exactly what you think. Just attach it to your dog's collar, install the USB dongle to your PC, and start following your pet's Twitter account.

Our friends over at Engadget posted an in-depth review of the device, noting that the $30 medallion is a bit on the large side, but works as advertised.

"In Typical fashion, the cat down the street is registered as an Independent. They can't ever commit to anything," one of the 500 pre-recorded tweets reads. Yet another says, "Getting up from my nap to tweet clearly demonstrates that I get daily exercise."

So how does it work? There's a motion sensor tucked inside the device, and according to Mattel, it measures the level of activity and sends a tweet based on whether it's high or low. And to prevent duplicate posts, Mattel says it's working on download packs that should be available soon.

Image Credit: Mattel

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