Mass Effect 3 Hits The Streets

Brad Chacos

Speaking of PC gaming, a much-anticipated little title happened to have dropped today: Mass Effect 3. Perhaps you've heard of it? If you've been following the exploits of Commander Shepard and his rag-tag Normandy crew, it goes without saying that you pretty much HAVE to pick up the game. Don't dig silence? Our sister mag PCGamer has an in-depth review of Mass Effect 3 .

The Edmonton Journal went so far as to say the "Release of Mass Effect 3 (is) seen as a pop-culture event." We don't know about all that, but it is the end of the road for Shepard and his/her long series of choices -- assuming, of course, that your FemShep didn't die in ME2's suicide run. Gamers who preordered ME3 through Origin or attended a midnight launch event have been playing the game for hours now, but if you're stuck waiting around at work (like us), here are a few trailers to get you in the Reaper-stomping mood.

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