Marvell's PXA168: 1GHz CPU for Mobile Devices

Maximum PC Staff

Marvell’s ambitions have gotten pretty substantial as of late, as they’re currently placing claim on the ability to pack a 1GHz processor into a cell phone. Using their Sheeva Technology, their PXA168 is looking to change the way that consumer electronics operate.

"Marvell prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation, and developing products that give consumers what they want before they even know it can exist," stated Roawen Chen, vice president and general manager of Communications and Computing Business Group at Marvell. "For the first time, consumers can utilize the processing power of Marvell's Sheeva technology in their low-power digital devices. With the Marvell PXA168 they get gigahertz plus processor speeds, coupled with a WMMX2 SIMD co-processor, creating the opportunity for whole new markets such as low-cost mobile computing devices."

While the first device that this seems it would impact would be Apple’s iPhone, the PXA168 currently only supports Linux and Windows CE (as well as all standard audio and video codecs and Adobe Flash). It hasn’t been mentioned when we can expect to see the chip in consumer devices, but it is said that Marvell is already working with third-party developers to port their applications.

Image Credit: Marvell

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