Marvell Introduces "Game Changing" DragonFly NVDRIVE PCI-E SSD Cache Accelerator

Paul Lilly

Unlike previous DragonFly solutions, the NVDRIVE variant has built-in SSD modules.

Marvell on Thursday announced the availability of its new DragonFly NVDRIVE, a turnkey enterprise-class PCI-E SSD caching solution. The newest drive extends the company's DragonFly NVCACH and NVRAM adapter products first announced last August by adding onboard SanDisk mSATA SSDs rather than continuing to rely on external SATA-based SSDs like the previous models.

"The NVDRIVE is a game-changing extension of the popular DragonFly NVRAM and NVCACHE family. It delivers the same unprecedented application acceleration as the existing NVCACHE solution, but now seamlessly integrates with onboard SSD modules for plug-and-play ease of use," said Alan Armstrong , vice president of marketing of Marvell Semiconductor’s Storage Business Group. "The innovative application of non-volatile DDR memory, highly optimized caching algorithms, and entry enterprise SSD modules creates a converged solution that is ideally suited for mixed-workload cloud data centers. The NVDRIVE raises the bar on affordability and performance, and its unique cache automation and consistent write latency capabilities will be sought after by both OEM and cloud computing customers who require predictable performance at reasonable costs."

Marvell says the DragonFly's write back caching is fully powered by ARM-based storage processors, allowing storage administrators to configure granular cache policies at either a file or block level. DragonFly supports RAID, offers up to 1.5TB of useable SSD capacity with non-volatile DRAM cache, and is capable of sustained performance above 200,000 4K random IOPS, Marvell says.

The DragonFly NVDRIVE will sample later in this quarter. It will be offered in 750GB and 1.5TB capacities starting at $2,995.

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