Marvell Announces HyperDUO SATA Controller for HDD-SSD Hybrids


Marvell will soon be launching the 88SE9130 6GB/s SATA Controller, a new drive controller that uses its propriety HyperDuo technology to combine an HDD and SSD into a single logical unit, the company said Monday. The SSD-HDD hybrid is apparently much faster than spinning drives as the SSD effectively functions as a cache for the hard drive.

Simply put, this technology works by using the SSD for caching the most frequently used data while keeping the less active data on the hard drive. But to the user the hybrid storage solution always appears as a single volume. This technique of automatically moving data between different storage types based on its frequency of use is called automated tiering and widely used in the enterprise market.

Mobos and add-on cards bearing the 88SE9130 6GB/s SATA Controller are expected to hit the market some time during the first half of 2011.

Image Credit: Marvell

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