Mark Zuckerberg Looks to Teen Years and Beyond as Facebook Turns 10



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Might this be how internet access gets out to the masses who don't live in the high-speed-internet-laden metro areas of the country, by the for-profit drive of business?

Give capitalism a chance: Zucker wants to mine the hell out of everyone's data more than some high-minded hippies and government programs want to get everyone online. I'm surprised that Google has stagnated in their "mine your data by becoming your ISP" mission as that has given Zucker half a chance to pass 'em at that sort of game.



Fall down and worship a fucking thief and swindler.

"Mark Zuckerberg says..." This is a guy who never had an original idea of his own, who had to steal from others to get ahead. And you're worshipping him.




He does seem to be one "tycoon" for whom the "If you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. If you've got a business, that, you didn't build that; somebody else made that happen!" quote rings true.



These .jpg's echo an important thing to remember about Facebook that I (and many others) have been saying for years. Since leaving Facebook 2 years ago I have yet to receive a single "Happy Birthday" through conventional methods and I'm even referring to people I grew up with.



If I recall, Facebook has privacy settings such that you segregate who sees your stuff.

You could also just make another account and not tell anyone about it.


The Mac

I have Friend that did this.

He was being stalked by a psycho ex, so he created a new account and renaned his old one.