Mark Zuckerberg Has a Plan to Bring Internet Access to Everyone



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It's encouraging when people think big, but sometimes disheartening to discover what they think big about.

In a world where one quarter of the population does not have access to electricity, nor one third to working toilets, and where one person in eight is chronically undernourished, it would seem that universal internet access is a big fish that need not be fried just now.

Zuckerberg, of course, is under no obligation to solve any of these problems, but as one of the relatively few people alive who has the ability to muster the capital, the intellect, and the publicity necessary to actually change lives on a worldwide scale, it's depressing his focus is so mundane.



He probably just want to give em internet so they can go and use his facebook. He doesnt care if they got electricity the greedy bastard just wants more people to use his product.



Zuckerberg just screams end times prophecy where the entire world is bound so that no one can buy, sell, or trade without being connected to our little global village. How utopian. How convenient! How utterly predictable.

The last thing we need is the remaining 5 billion people in the world forced to be online.



I guess he heard about Google's plan to get everyone connected via a network of weather balloons equipped with wireless transmitters and decided it would be in his best interest to beat them to the punch.

Why does he have to grandstand and tell us about his "rough draft"?



I get the feeling that Mark Zuckerberg isn't very popular with you guys? ;-)

I guess I am with AFDozerman (and Bill Gates) on this one. There are a lot of more important issues we need to resolve in developing nations such as basic necessaties like food, clean water, medical care and shelter.



I couldn't give a single crap about what zuckertwat wants now. he's a nutcase. He became one when he started changing things that worked perfectly fine and making them "better" for him and "worse" for everyone else.


Maximum Defiant

Does anybody really care about what Zuckerturd has to say?



I stand where Mr Gates stands on this. We need to work on getting food and medical services out there before we get Facebook and Angry Birds. The people who go out and provide humane services to these people already have Internet via satelite, and looking up facts about your current illness doesn't really do you any good if you don't have a drugstore to go to in the first place. I feel Zuccerburg is getting his cart in front of his horse, here.



Is it just coincidence that Google announced that they are trying to do the exact same thing with their project Loon?



Zuckerberg is no hero or visionary. He stood on the shoulders of others to bring Facebook to where it is today. MySpace was the biggest thing back in the day when Facebook started off and most people had accounts with both. When MySpace user base declined, everyone jumped ship to Facebook. Same will happen 5 or 10 years from now with Google+ or some new service yet to be invented.

... And what for? Businesses don't use Facebook to be productive; they use it for advertising. People don't use Facebook to be productive, it's used to tell pointless stories or about their lives. It's not so much social networking as it is social masturbation. Makes you feel good and important without actually doing anything productive or positive.

But why would Zuckerberg care to connect people together in a social network? Because he cares about people communicating across the world?

Uh, no. It's about selling people's personal information and targeting advertising to the masses so he can make bank. Of course he wants 5 billion connected to the Internet. He sees dollars signs violating people's privacy.

Painting him as a philanthropist that cares about people's human rights makes me sick.



Oh you mean Zuckerdweeb wants to own and control all of the planet's human-related data for his own own personal profitability and not just the USA? Suprise!