Mark Zuckerberg's Sister Peeved Over Facebook Privacy Incident

Paul Lilly

Even the Zuckerbergs aren't immune to Facebook's murky privacy controls.

Facebook co-founder and billionaire whiz-kid Mark Zuckerberg may think that everything's all hunky-dory with his social networking site, but his sister Randi might have a different opinion. A former marketing director at Facebook, Randi posted a picture to her Facebook Timeline of her family reacting to a new "poke" application. A friend saw the photo of the semi-private moment and, much to Randi's dismay, posted it to Twitter.

"Not sure where you got this photo. I posted it to friends only on FB. You reposting it to Twitter is way uncool," Randi wrote on Twitter.

Callie Schweitzer, the person the who posted the photo, explained that she's just a subscriber and the photo was listed on the top of her newsfeed. Schweitzer said she was "genuinely sorry," adding that she assumed it was public since it showed up in her feed.

Randi appreciated the apology, though added that she's "just sensitive to private photos becoming 'news'," and then gave an etiquette lesson.

"Digital etiquette: always ask permission before posting a friend's photo publicly. It's not about privacy settings, it's about human decency," Randi wrote on Twitter.

The photo was deleted (still viewable on Buzzfeed ), but the issue of privacy is still up for debate. Did Randi have a legitimate beef with her photo being posted to Twitter? In the end, Randi dubbed it a human decency issue rather than point the finger at Facebook's privacy settings, but not everyone agrees with that assessment.

"Instead of vilifying a subscriber for not reading your mind, maybe you should talk to your brother about recent FB changes," another person Tweeted.

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