Mark Your Calendar, Windows 8 Release Preview Arriving First Week of June

Paul Lilly

Microsoft's next generation desktop operating system, Windows 8, inches closer to release with each passing day. In fact, barring any last minute snags and/or delays, Microsoft will make available the Release Preview of Windows 8 in early June. How early? Within the first week, which is less than seven weeks away. What this tells us is that Windows 8 is nearly ready for prime time.

It's important to remember when playing with the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 that it's basically beta code, an unfinished build that won't fully resemble the final product. But come June, the Release Preview will likely be the last sneak peek before Windows 8 goes gold, and for the most part, what you see is what you're going to get, presumably in October.

Microsoft announced the June release window during a Windows 8 Developer Day event in Japan and posted a picture to its @BuildWindows8 Twitter account. One of the people who commented noticed that Microsoft used an old Windows logo on the announcement slide, though it was probably just a simple oversight.

There are still tons of questions Windows 8 (and Microsoft) need to answer, however we do know that Microsoft is paring down the number of versions consumers will have to wade through. There will be two main versions for x86 users, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, and a seperate version for ARM users, Windows RT.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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