March 2013: Break In Your New Rig The Right Way!



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Dear MaximumPc people,

After your decision to postpone the release of issues (maximum pc site_today 06 months_last march2013); your magazine begins to be released as torrent or link to filehost download. You can find the last issue (november 2013) as torrent or link to filehost download. If you decide to release the last issue (november 2013) in newstand; release october 2013 in the website. You actual police is bullshit. You, only increase the release of non-official issues of maximum pc!!! Thanks.

Link to Maximum PC (november 2013) --->



I was surprised that in the above issue, you continue to unreservedly recommend Iolo System Mechanic.

On a close friend's PC, System Mechanic "updated" his drivers and rendered his system unbootable. On one of my PCs, actually my ultrabook, it made changes to my browser (FireFox) that interfered with its operation.

And on my main desktop, it made very intrusive changes that again had to be manually reversed.

I can't recommend it to anyone, and really ask you to reconsider your endorsement of it. (I have since talked to many who have had similar problems with it.)



I agree about System Mechanic. In 2013, it's just unnecessary snake oil used to keep the XP-era of pay-for system maintenance tools on life-support. All you need is CCleaner (which is free, has over 1 billion downloads, and trusted by damn-near everyone) and you're set.