March 2005


Massive Multimedia How-To
Now that music and movies have gone all-digital, it's time to take control of your media. Make flawless rips of your DVDs for playback on laptops, portable video players, and even PDAs. Copy even protected audio discs and slip the tracks onto your MP3 player. Take purcahsed music and make it work on any portable digital player. Maximum PC shows you how to put the power back where it ought to be--in your hands.

The Definitive Case-Painting Guide
From basic prep work to spectacular finishes, Maximum PC shows you how to transform any PC into a one-of-a-kind expression of pure PC badassness.

The Internet, Reloaded
What's this about the Internet2, you ask? Get the inside scoop on what it is, what it does, who's doing it, and how you'll benefit from the ultra high-speed next-generation Internet that's already being used by more than 200 universities.

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