Mantle and TrueAudio Support Sneaks into Thief on March 18th

Paul Lilly

Thief reboot is about to look and sound better

AMD made some big claims in regards to its Mantle API, which were finally put to the test when support was rolled out for Battlefield 4. Now it's the Thief reboot that will get the Mantle makeover courtesy of a new patch Eidos is reportedly planning to launch tomorrow . In addition to adding support for Mantle, Thief will become to first game feature AMD's TrueAudio technology .

It will be interesting to see what kind of performance advantage Mantle brings to Thief. As our sister site PC Gamer points out , Mantle did end up raising the average frame rate in BF4 on AMD cards, but it came at the expense of the minimum frame rate, which was lowered and could lead to choppy game play.

A better example of Mantle's abilities can be seen in the Star Swarm demo running the Oxide Games Nitrous Engine. Mantle performance in Star Swarm teases how much better it can be compared to DirectX 11 when using the same system settings.

Equally exciting (and perhaps even more so) is support for TrueAudio. By tapping into the dedicated digital signal processor (DSP) built into certain AMD GPU cores, TrueAudio allows developers to offer better sound effects, as well as potentially improve performance by freeing up the CPU and RAM to handle other tasks.

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