Man Keeps Linux Distro in His Prosthetic Finger


Here's one you don't see every day, and have probably never seen before: A man with an embedded USB drive in his prosthetic finger.

After being involved in a motorcycle accident last May, Jerry Jalava was half a finger short of having all five digits on his left hand. On the advice of his doctor, who learned that Jalava was "a hacker," Jalava opted to have a USB drive attached to the fingertip of his prosthetic finger, instantly earning himself several hundred geek cred points. And if that weren't enough, Jalava earns a geek merit badge for carrying around a Billix Linux distro and the Freddy Got Fingered movie on his USB key.

On his blog, Jalava clarified that the prosthetic finger is removable, allowing him to detach and "just leave my finger inside the slot" until he's finished.

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Image Credit: Henri Bergius

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