Man Accused of Uploading Wolverine Movie Calls Charges "Ridiculous"


Gilbert Sanchez, a 47-year-old budding musician nabbed by the FBI for uploading the Wolverine movie a month before its theatrical release, doesn't deny putting the pirated flick on the Internet, but he does pretty much deny any wrongdoing.

"It's just ridiculous," Sanchez told reports from The New York Daily News. "I bought it from a Korean guy on the street for five bucks. Then I uploaded it. I didn't make any money."

Sanchez contends that there's much bigger fish the FBI should be going after and that he wasn't responsible for the original leak. And according to CNet's "Hollywood sources," the authorities have ruled out Sanchez as the original source of the leak, though it isn't clear if he knows someone behind the scenes at studios who would have access to unreleased movies.

"I had FBI with search warrant in my place," Sanchez wrote in a post at under his "SkillfulGil" username. "They took my PC. Now (they're) building a fed case on me for the same thing. Copyright Infringement...So I guess I'll (be) made an example of."

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