Malwarebytes Notches 100 Million Downloads, Toots Its Own Horn

Paul Lilly

While VentureBeat doesn't think the majority of its readers have heard about Malwarebytes, we're willing to gamble a toasted tuna fish sandwich that most Maximum PC readers are not only aware of Malwarebytes, but have probably used it on at least one occasion. And even if you're one of the ones who haven't, it's clear that many others have, hence achieving over 100 million downloads and over 5 billion malware detections.

"This is a significant step in the growth of Malwarebytes," said Marcin Kleczynski (pronounced Kleh-chin-ski, in case you're wondering) Malwarebytes founder and CEO. "We acquired a key technology to expand our product features, expanded operations into the EMEA region, and our momentum is clearly growing with more than one million new users every month."

Malwarebytes owes its rapid growth to the increasing amount of malware in the wild, which the company says "is one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive threats on the Internet today." Being good at what it does also helps. Malwarebytes is a poplular program in tech circles, both as a disinfectant for cleaning up infested machines for family and friends, and as a free supplement to antivirus software (a paid Pro version is also available).

What are your go-to security programs?

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