Malware on the Rise, Blogspot No. 1 Offender


Not surprisingly, malware infections are at an all-time high, but what's shocking is just how fast the infection rate has risen. According to antivirus vendor Sophos , the company says it detects one webpage containing malicious content every 5 seconds, a rate that represents a whopping 300 percent jump from 2007.

That breaks down to over 16,000 malicious sites each day, most of which are victims of SQL-injection attacks. One of the more common tricks entails using SQL-injection to place a dirty 1x1 pixel element on an infected page. And because many of the sites are legitimate, security vendors are having a tough time keeping up with blocking the sites.

There also exists a fair number of illegitimate sites, and Sophos claims Google-owned Blogger accounts for nearly 2 percent of all malware hosts, making it an unflattering number one offender.

Responding to the report, a spokesperson for Google said "Google takes the security of our users very seriously, and we work hard to protect them from malware. Using Blogger, or any Google product, to serve or host malware is a violation of our product policies. We actively work to detect and remove sites that serve malware from our network."

How comforting.

Image Credit: Flickr xcaballe

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