Malware Miscreants Selling Trojan Guaranteed to Evade Detection


You've been told money can't buy you love, but for $1,300, you can buy a Trojan guaranteed to screw the recipient without them ever knowing it's there. Apparently not completely fool proof, security company Prevx discovered the supposedly undetectable super virus now known as Limbo 2 and reports that hackers are selling custom variations of the Trojan. If a variation gets detected, the Trojan can be tweaked to fly under the radar without changing its payload.

Once infected, Limbo 2 not only logs your keystrokes, but it will set a trap by generating spoofed information boxes when victims navigate to certain login pages. Keystrokes, credit card information, and any other personal data it manages to harvest from the hard drive then gets transmitted back to Botnet Central.

These types of Trojans aren't new, but it's Limbo 2's speed and customization that has security vendors concerned. On a broader scale, it's all part of a seedy underground economy driven by stolen data. It's become so prevalent that hackers have had to lower prices and look for new types of stolen data to sell for bigger profits, including health care information and corporate emails.

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