Malware Loves China

Haipyng , using data from Google’s Safe Browsing initiative, analyzed over 200,000 websites that were engaged in badware behavior. The top two offenders on the list are China and the US. Their analysis found that a majority of the sites (52%) were based on a small number of Chinese networks. The U.S. accounted for 21% of infected sites however these were spread across a wide range of networks. It is interesting that in China 68% of the country’s infected sites are hosted on just three AS blocks versus the US, which has just 25% of it’s infected sites in it’s top three blocks. This just highlights the differences in the hosting spread.

Their research doesn’t specify a reason for this, however they “postulated that part of the reason for this could be the lack of economic incentives for Chinese hosting providers and site owners to inform their users of infected sites and/or to take action to clean or remove these sites.”

Fortunately, I go no where on the internet without my protection and a good dose of common sense .

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