Majority of Late-Twentysomethings Use Cell Phones Only

Ryan Whitwam

Cnet is reporting that the latest survey of 17,619 households by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has resulted in some surprising results regarding phone usage. For the first time, the majority of adults in their late 20s are more likely to use only a mobile phone at home . In all, 51% of those age 25-29 did not have a landline at home. Landlines just aren't hip anymore, apparently.

The numbers are also on the rice for those in other age groups. 40% of people in the 18-24 age bracket have left landlines behind. As you might expect, the rate of cell phone only homes drops significantly as age goes up. After age 65, only 5% of people said they lived in mobile only homes. The overall rate of households that used only cell phones was 26%, and another 16% said they talk all or most of their calls on their mobile phone.

We can only see this trend continuing. As mobile networks get faster and more expansive, more consumers will decide to stop paying for the same service twice. Have you switched to having mobile phones only? If you don't mind us asking, what age group are you in?

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