Majority of Amazon Sales Now Come from Non-media Items

Ryan Whitwam

In a time long ago, Amazon was a book seller. They've continued to sell paper books while becoming the leader in ebooks, but they also sell a multitude of other products. In more recent years, most of Amazon's business was still selling media like books, music, and movies. Now the "other" products make up the majority of the online retailer's sales . The news came in Amazon's earnings call today when it was also announced that they smashed projections by rocking a 46% revenue increase over last year.

Overall, Amazon took in $3.43 billion in sales from media, and $3.51 billion from everything else. Many analysts have expected this so-called "inversion point" to occur eventually. Amazon benefits from this in that they have a solid buffer in the face of the changing media landscape. It's no secret that Amazon liked having the eBook business all to themselves, but they'll never have that kind of comfortable perch again.

Certainly people are buying all sorts of things from Amazon. What are getting there? Still just books and DVDs? Or have you started buying your electronics from Amazon as well?

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