Major Media Outlets Ignore SOPA, Support Passage

Ryan Whitwam

Quite a few technology enthusiasts have noted the almost complete lack of airtime SOPA and Protect IP have gotten on media outlets as the debate continues to wind through Congress. A new report sheds a bit of light on the topic pointing out that most media companies are on the record supporting the legislation.

The MediaMatters report found that among big names like MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS, and NBC there was not a single mention of SOPA or Protect IP during the evening news broadcasts. CNN was good enough to talk about SOPA once in the last few months. Technology experts and observers alike fear that these bills could damage the fundamental structure of the Internet, and hand too much power to censor content to copyright holders.

ABC and CBS are listed as official supporters of the bill, while the likes of Time Warner (CNN) News Corp (Fox), and Comcast (NBC) have simply spoken in favor of it. Most technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are strongly opposed to the bill for fear it would harm the openness of the Internet.

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