Major Labels Going to Hulu in Search of Greener Pastures?

Maximum PC Staff

It’s beginning to look an awful lot like major music labels, that are fed up with poor ad revenues from Google’s YouTube, are going to look to Hulu in search of bigger and better opportunities.

The four major labels, Universal MG, EMI, Warner and Sony BMG are reportedly in talks to port their content to a new site. These talks initially involved the idea of their own web site, but instead they’re not looking to creating a non-exclusive partnership with a preexisting media outlet, such as Hulu.

According to the Financial Times ’ Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, “Plans under discussion include: a partnership with Hulu, the online television and film joint venture between News Corp and NBC Universal; the creation of a premium service on YouTube, Google’s video sharing site; or, a standalone venture between some or all of the four largest recorded music groups.”

Image Credit: Hulu

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